Personality Indicator

In no way are the Board members, Executive Director, Assistant Executive Director, or surgical team leaders experts in identifying or interpreting personality types of those volunteers who go on Face the Challenge trips. If you personally would like to explore more of your own personality traits, we suggest that you seek local psychologists or others trained with such expertise.

One indicator was designed by Isabell Briggs Myers, Katharine C. Briggs, and Jean M. Kummerow, PhD (1987) at the Center for Applications of Psychological Type, Gainesville, FL. In their tool they, in part, attempt to differentiate:

FTC would like a general idea from the prospective team members as they rate themselves on a left-to-right sliding scale, ranging from, e.g. Extroversion on the left to Introversion on the right, with ratings of very clear, clear, moderate, slight (then midway), followed by slight, moderate, clear, very clear to Introversion on the right. Some will recognize that their personality types "stay to the left", some on "the right", and some will be mixed in between.

Please reference the Team Member Personality Indicator PDF information below as an additional aid for rating your personality type.

Team Member Personality Indicator

Face the Challenge (FTC) was founded by Randolph (Randy) C. Robinson, MD, DDS, cranio-maxillo-facial surgeon, and his wife, Ginger Holmes Robinson, BSN, RN (cardiac and critical care). Since the late 1970's, they shared a dream to offer their medical services to the world's needy.
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