What Can FTC Team Members Expect to Gain?

Generally, FTC team members return to say they "got more" than they gave. They observed people in need who, still self-respecting, generously offered themselves and their humble gifts to the team members. They saw intelligent, host health professionals creatively using whatever resources available to them.

They watched treatments and procedures employed, not necessarily standard to the Western mind, but somehow still they were effective. They offered their own surgical and medical skills and showed acts of compassion that they did not even know were within their capacities. They found courage in the midst of fear. They witnessed high levels of pain and suffering, yet did not always hear expected and "rightful" complaining. They listened and understood, yet without understanding the words. They taught others by doing.

First-hand, they saw different cultures, customs, and attitudes, all of which impacted the health care of patients. They became advocates for better health care and international development. But they also learned to pray harder than ever for the oppressed and forlorn.

Face the Challenge (FTC) was founded by Randolph (Randy) C. Robinson, MD, DDS, cranio-maxillo-facial surgeon, and his wife, Ginger Holmes Robinson, BSN, RN (cardiac and critical care). Since the late 1970's, they shared a dream to offer their medical services to the world's needy.
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