24-year-old "P" asked, "What does 'face the challenge' mean?"

Motorcycle Accident Victim - 24 Year Old "P"

"P" was injured severely in a motorcycle accident in May 2010. He suffered "pan-facial" fractures, or fractures throughout his face causing it to appear flattened and dish-shaped. Also he had injuries to both arms (with long, vertical scars) and both ankles and feet (still with unhealed lesions). Four years later, he was screened for a facial reconstruction and to "remove the hump" from his nose.

He was such a kind and grateful young man! After his surgery he became more talkative, curious, and smiled a lot.

He asked us to explain what "face the challenge" means. It took a Vietnamese nurse to help translate this idiom in order for it to be meaningful to him. After a while, he understood that he was "facing head-on his needs and overcoming" the lingering effects of at least some of his serious injuries.

Both of his feet had old decubitus ulcer (pressure sore) scare and were still badly in need of skilled foot and ankle reconstructions. He limped, using a cane. Oftentimes he would be seen with his mother as she lovingly rubbed his painful feet.

Face the Challenge (FTC) was founded by Randolph (Randy) C. Robinson, MD, DDS, cranio-maxillo-facial surgeon, and his wife, Ginger Holmes Robinson, BSN, RN (cardiac and critical care). Since the late 1970's, they shared a dream to offer their medical services to the world's needy.
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